1. Bank deposit

You can pay your order by performing a bank deposit with one of the affiliated banks.

Discount your order through a bank:

The name is Μιχελινάκης Πέτρος του Ιωάννη

The account of the National Bank is: 164/369280-93



The Alpha Bank account is: 472-002101-140700


The deposit amount refers to the total final payable amount of the order including shipping and VAT. of the products. In any case, please make sure that the name of your order is filled in the reason for the bank deposit.

After the bank deposit, please send us the deposit receipt by email at info@refurbishstore.gr or by fax at 2105724995.

With the confirmation of your bank deposit, the process of executing your order begins.

  1. Payment by cash on delivery

The ability to pay for the order with delivery in your area applies to all of Greece where the volume and weight of the products allow shipping with the partner Courier companies.

In the case where the products are shipped with a shipping company, the method of delivery is available for the Prefectures of Attica and Thessaloniki.

For the rest of Greece, it is necessary to choose a different payment method. Under the applicable tax regulations, documents worth more than € 500 to professionals / businesses (Sales Invoices) should only be repaid via a bank deposit or credit / debit card payment.

  1. Cash on delivery from central facilities

You can pay your order by cash or credit / debit card by visiting the company’s headquarters.

Address: Lechouriti 5, 12132, Peristeri

Tel., Fax.